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MBA Education Center Launches Party Day Activities Themed Never Forget Original Intention and Remember Mission

publisher:createtime: 2019-12-16


    On December 4, WANG Gang, Secretary of the Party Branch of MBA Education Center of School of Business, led more than ten MBA Party Branch students to Village Puluzhou to carry out the party day activity themed Never Forget Original Intention and Remember Mission. Under the leadership of LIN Anjie and ZHI Zhongpei, Village Poverty Alleviation Cadres, MBA students and faculty visited the Party Masses Service Center and Characteristic Agricultural Planting Base in Village Puluzhou. Through the detailed introduction of the cadres, people had a better understanding of the task of poverty alleviation, pomelo project and other industrial projects in Village Puluzhou, and also had a real experience of the brilliant construction of a new socialist countryside.


Group Photo

    Then, in order to help pupils understand and realize the significance of learning and reading, the group of people came to the Central Primary School of Town Lingbei, Yangshan County to carry out the public welfare education activities, named One Book and One Dream. President MAO Yehe on behalf of the whole teachers and students of this school, welcomed the arrival of GDUFS Village Team and GDUFS MBA teachers and students. MBA students carried out a class meeting in Grade five Class one.

    At the end of the class meeting, LIN Anjie, the First Secretary of the village, expressed his gratitude to the MBA students who supported this activity. He hoped that Lingbei Primary School would carry out more colorful reading activities, carry forward traditional culture, and diffuse the fragrance of calligraphy culture in the Primary School.