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New Semester, New Start: Welcome Party for the 2020 MBA Freshmen, Successfully Held

publisher:createtime: 2020-09-21

Against the background of fighting the COVID-19 together, the welcome ceremony for the SOB freshmen was successfully held online in the form of  live video broadcast at 9:00 a.m. on September 19th. Prof. JIAO Fangtai, Vice President of GDUFS, Prof. ZHU Wenzhong, Dean of SOB, Prof. YUAN Denghua, Vice Dean of SOB, Dr. DING Hao; Ms. XU Yiqing, WANG Gang, Director of MBA Center; Prof. ZHANG Wubao as the representative of faculty members, all teachers of MBA center; and freshmen representative CHENG Huipei attended the ceremony. The 2020 MBA freshmen gathered on the Internet and participated in the ceremony by live video. More than 1000 people watched the ceremony online. The event was chaired by XU Yiqing, Vice President of SOB.


Live Broadcast of the Welcome Party for the 2020 MBA Freshmen

First of all, Prof. JIAO extended his warm welcome to 192 MBA freshmen. This year is destined to be a very challenging one, he said, during this period, faculty and students in GDUFS, too, have shouldered the mission of fighting against the pandemic. Prof. JIAO hoped that the students would cherish the learning opportunities, coordinate the relationship between work, study, and family, and strive to achieve self-improvement. At the same time, students should innovate their thinking, achieve the unity of knowledge and practice, play the entrepreneurial spirit and overcome difficulties with a high sense of social responsibility.


Professor JIAO Fangtai delivering opening speech

Then, Prof. ZHU Wenzhong, Dean of SOB, delivered a speech in English. He gave a detailed introduction to the history of SOB and the achievements of GDUFS MBA in recent years. At the same time, he taught the value of "smile" values of the SOB to the students, hoping that the students can practice it in their study and work, thereby becoming excellent GDUFSers.


Prof. ZHU Wenzhong, Dean of SOB delivering speech

Then, Prof. ZHANG Wubao gave a speech on behalf of all teachers. He said that it takes a long way to go to complete one’s study of MBA, and hoped that every student would realize his/her dreams here in SOB.

Prof. ZHANG Wubao, representative of faculty members delivering speech

On behalf of all 2020 MBA freshmen, Ms. CHENG Huipei expressed her happiness and gratitude for becoming a member of GDUFS MBA program and wished to make more progress in her future study.


CHENG Huipei, MBA freshmen representative delivering speech

The welcome party was concluded in the melodious school anthem. This ceremony marks the beginning of a new life stage for 2020 MBA students.