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School of Business, GDUFS Win the Glory at the 29th China MBA South China Alliance Summit

publisher:createtime: 2021-01-15

    On January 9, 2021, the 29th China MBA South China Alliance Summit & 2020 South China MBA Elite Forum, which was sponsored by MBA College of Guangdong University of Finance and Economics (GDUFE) and China MBA South China Alliance and hosted by MBA Federation and MBA Volunteers Association of GDUFE, were successfully held in Guangzhou.

    A group of participants, including representatives of teachers and students from universities of China MBA South China Alliance, student representatives from 19 colleges of 18 institutes of China MBA South

    China Alliance as well as representatives of entrepreneurs from South China, attended the summit. YANG Hui, Chairman of the 12th MBA Federation of GDUFS, HUANG Jiahui and ZHANG Zhao, the Vice Chairman, and ZHANG Xiaojuan, Executive Director of GDUFS Creation Federation, attended the summit on behalf of MBA of GDUFS.

    At the China MBA South China Alliance Summit, MBA of GDUFS returned in glory with its surefooted efforts in 2020.

    The MBA of GDUFS received the following honors in total:

Characteristic MBA Federation: MBA Federation of GDUFS

MBA Characteristic Class Collective: Class D , Grade 2020

Top Ten MBA Contributions: YANG Hui

Social Pioneer Responsibility Award: LIAO Litao and HUANG Jia Hui

MBA Outstanding Cadres: YANG Kaichuan and TIAN Shengmiao

Excellent Monitor: XIE Quanjiang and CHEN Jiannan

    Additionally, YANG Hui, Chairman of the MBA Federation of GDUFS, was officially appointed as the Vice Chairman of the South China MBA Alliance.