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MBA of School of Business, GDUFS is Ranked as the TOP 100 Best MBA Programs of Chinese Business Schools in 2020

publisher:createtime: 2020-12-31

   On December 23rd, 2020, the 2020 China Business School Education Festival, jointly sponsored by MBA China and Manager magazine, was successfully held in Beijing, publishing the list of "TOP 100 Best MBA Programs of Chinese Business Schools in 2020". School of Business, GDUFS was successfully ranked on the list with the results of TOP 56 in China and TOP 3 in South China among the participating colleges and universities.


TOP 100 Best MBA Programs of Chinese Business Schools in 2020

    Since the inception in 2007, MBA of GDUFS, as the seventh batch of MBA training institutions of the Ministry of Education of China, has always adhered to the school-running philosophy of "Global Vision, English Instruction". In the course of more than ten years' hard development, GDUFS MBA gradually formed its own distinctive international characteristics through continuous efforts. By virtue of the unique geographical advantages given by Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, it has not only actively developed close cooperation with Fortune 500 companies and the belt and road initiative's development cooperation resources, but also focused on seeking deep cooperation with internationally renowned business schools, thus gradually realizing the internationalization of teaching staff and student composition and instructional design as well as scientific research. In recent years, with the joint efforts of all teachers and students, MBA Education Center of SOB, GDUFS were gradually striving to achieve the goal of building an international high-level university with distinctive characteristics.


    Lasting more than eight months, MBA China and the Manager magazine completed a series of work such as data collection, institutions application, questionnaire survey and so on from ten evaluation dimensions including teacher quality, curriculum projects, student evaluation, brand influence. On this basis, the winners of "TOP 100 Best MBA Programs of Chinese Business Schools in 2020" were finally selected. Moreover, the selection received strong support and unanimous recognition from national MBA institutions.