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School of Business, GDUFS is Awarded the Honorary Title of 2020 Model Colleges of Business Education

publisher:createtime: 2020-11-19

With the advent of the post-epidemic era, business education ought to have conformed to the trend of the times to implement continuous reforms. In the interest of exploring the development and transformation of business education in the post-epidemic era, the 8th Tencent Business School Development Forum in 2020 sponsored by Tencent was successfully held in Beijing on November 12, 2020. "2020 Business Education Model Colleges" was announced at the forum. WANG Gang, MBA Program Director of GDUFS, attended the forum on behalf of GDUFS.



Director WANG Gang Attending the Forum

With the theme of "Digital Transformation of Business Education in Post-epidemic Era", this Business School Development Forum gathered leaders of major business institutes and industry elites to discuss the development trend of business education in post-epidemic era. On the basis of the opinions of hundreds of millions of Chinese Internet users, the Tencent Business School Development Forum specially selected a plurality of outstanding figures, institutions and project representatives, including "Outstanding Contributors to Business Education in China in 2020" and "Most Influential MBA Program in 2020" and "Executive Training Program with Outstanding Comprehensive Strength in 2020" as well as "Model Colleges of Business Education in 2020", thus setting excellent examples for other business schools. Among them, School of Business, GDUFS was awarded the honorary title of "2020 Model College of Business Education".




Awards Scene


Group Photo