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Professor WANG Zhongming Visited GUDFS School of Business to Instruct MBA Education and Discipline Contruction

publisher:createtime: 2017-11-08

At 2:00 p.m November 8th 2017, GUDFS School of Business held a symposium on MBA education and discipline construction. Senior Professor Wang from Zhejiang University, who is in charge of AMBA certification in China, was invited to the symposium. The Associate Dean Mr.Jiao attented the meeting and delivered a keynote speech. Over 70 MBA teachers attended the meeting. The symposium was hosted by LI Hua, the secretary of Party Committee of Business School.

The Dean and the secretary of Party Committee of GUDFS met with Pro.Wang and exchange views with Mr. Wang on the future development of MBA education and the construction of discipline as well as International Silk Educational Base. Both sides reached consensus on cooperation. Pro.Wang visited the facilities in both North Campus and South Campus.

                                                        SUI Guangjun with WANG Zhongming

                                               At the Symposium

First of all, the Associate Dean Mr.Jiao gave a warm welcome to Pro. Wang and expressed his thanks to the contribution he had made to improving MBA program quality. Mr. Jiao commented favorably on the progress that MBA had made in gaining international and domestic certification. Mr.Jiao also emphasized that MBA Education Center should focus on the international authoritative certification of AMBA、AACSB、EPAS、CAMEA. In the end, Mr.Jiao showed his expectations on the recertification of AMBA, and hoped that all teachers take the advices proposed by Pro. Wang and make efforts together to help GUDFS School of Business advance to a new level.

                                                           JIAO Fangtai Making a Speech

Zhu Wenzhong, Dean of GDUFS School of Business, made a work report on behalf of the School, in which he mentioned the progress that had been made in the following eight aspects: development strategy, governance mechanism, online courses, faculty, teaching and research, international characteristics, social service, as well as brand and enrollment quality. Mr. Zhu introduced the challenges the School was facing and the future development.

                                                      ZHU Wenzhong Making a Working Report

Then, Pro.Wang spoke highly of the progress the School has made in recent years. He introduced the schools that had been certificated by AMBA, and the five networks of AMBA. He also put forward the perspective “connotation supports denotation” that MBA should followed in its development. He also elaborated on how to create MBA’s own features from six aspects including strategy, faculty, discipline, students, subjects and management.

                                                                   Pro. Wang Making a Speech

Pro.Wang has international perspective and also combined the reality of MBA. His humorous and vivid expression enlightened the teachers at the meeting. In the interaction part, several teachers communicated with Pro.Wang on courses and teaching problems.

An MBA Teacher Making a Speech

                        Group Photo