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North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, October 28th, 2017

publisher:createtime: 2017-10-28

The opening ceremony of the 12th China-Japan Management Forum was held in Lecture Hall of the Administrative Building on the North Campus. The forum responded to the One Belt and One Road initiative and was combined with enterprise internationalization. Vice-president of GDUF JIAO Fangtai received the guests in the VIP Hall of the Administration Building.

During the forum, JIAO Fangtai addressed that effective mechanism of cooperation and exchanges between GDUF and Japan Sapporo University was established and the cooperation between GDUF and South China University of Technology was necessary and possible. He indicated that the forum played an active role in strengthening the friendship among the scholars of three universities, exchanging research achievements, cultivating commercial talents and helped GDUF to build a high standard Business School with international characteristics. He specially introduced the mission of our School of Business to cultivate qualified business talents and adhere to the SMILE values including social responsibility, mutual respect, integrity, learning by doing, enthusiasm. He hoped that School of Business would concentrate on fostering business elites for China by taking the advantage of fostering interdisciplinary talents and the 4+2 training model of globalized business talents.

WANG Zhiping gave a speech on behalf of the President of Japan Sapporo University and Chairman of the Confucius Institute. He welcomed our school as a new member of the forum and pointed out that the forum was a major project of his university and it is essential in promoting sinology. WANG Zhiping recalled the history of the forum and hoped this forum helped to promote the exchanges and understanding among three universities and modestly contribute to a harmonious China-Japan relation.

LI Yugang thanked GDUF and Japan Sapporo University for holding the forum together and expressed expectation on the future development of the forum. He hoped the forum would continue and welcomed Japan Sapporo University and GDUF to attend the next forum in South China University of Technology.

The 12th China-Japan Management Forum was initiated by our school, Japan Sapporo University and South China University of Technology and organized by our International Office and School of Business. Professors from Japan Sapporo University, CAI Hong, Director of International Office of GDUF, ZHU Wenzhong, Dean of School of Business, YUAN Denghua, Deputy Dean of School of Business attended the opening ceremony.