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The 49th New Horizon Lecture: Transforming the Way Entrepreneurship Is Promoted

publisher:createtime: 2017-06-25

On June 25th, Professor Gideon Maas, Director of International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship of Coventry University, UK, gave a lecture of “Transforming the Way Entrepreneurship Is Promoted” at MBA Center. The lecture was hosted by Executive Dean of School  of Business Professor Zhu Wenzhong.

Gideon Maas first gave a brief introduction to the basic concepts of entrepreneurship, challenges and business plans. Among them, when talking about the business plans, he stressed that correct orientation of business plans is more important than personal entrepreneurship. He believed that entrepreneurship needs thinking, thinking about how to solve the risk, how to deal with failure, and how to survive in globalization. This requires people to balance business skills, opportunities, and personal development when they are engaged in business. Then, Gideon Maas introduced the standards of entrepreneurial transformation and the way to promote entrepreneurial transformation. He gave suggestions to the students major in MBA here that if one wants to become a successful entrepreneur, a diploma is not enough. We also need to equip ourselves with in-depth knowledge and experience. In addition, teamwork is also very important. He also stressed the importance of innovation and guided the students to simulate acts like "Mexican wave", "hug with hands" and "cross hands" and so on, thus inspire everyone to develop the mind and think actively to improve innovation.

Taking entrepreneurial case of students from Coventry University as an example, Professor Gideon Maas also shared some key points on promoting entrepreneurial transformation. He said that a person should spend 50 percent of his time on living in the moment and another 50 percent on investing in the future. He affirmed the importance of innovation and not being afraid of failure. He also stressed that mistakes do not mean errors. What should be emphasized is that we should draw lessons and experiences from those mistakes and avoid the same mistakes. At the end of the lecture, Gideon Maas asked the students to think about how to make changes to enhance their entrepreneurial capacity and encourage everyone to make changes.

Professor Gideon Maas's lecture inspired the students to think about entrepreneurial transformation. In Q & A section, the students actively asked questions and Professor Gideon Maas answered patiently.