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2018 Global Silk-Road (BRI) Entrepreneurship Competition

publisher:createtime: 2018-07-13

In order to facilitate entrepreneurship education and collaborative initiatives among schools under the Silk-Road Entrepreneurship Education Network, we have pleasure to invite you to participate in the 2018 Global Silk-Road (BRI) Entrepreneurship Competition (BRI: Belt & Road Initiative) to take place in China during November and December 2018.

Here is the announcement of this event:

(1)   General Theme: Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development

(2)   Special Themes: This competition includes a number of special themes. We will accept entries on other topics to compete in the General Theme category against the entries in the special themes below.

1)      Nobel Innovation Cup in cooperation with the Swedish Consulate Shanghai

2)      Information technology and smart manufacturing

3)      New design and Fintech

4)      Cross-border e-commerce

5)      Creative and cultural ventures

6)      New materials and Clean-tech

7)      Women entrepreneurship ventures

8)      Agri-business

9)      Blockchain entrepreneurship

10)  Smart home and AI

11)  Other high-tech topics                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

(3)   Major Organizers and Sponsors:

A. Organizer: The Silk-Road Entrepreneurship Education Network (SREEN) and Global Entrepreneurship Research Centre (GERC) Zhejiang University

B. Guidance: AMBA in cooperation with the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center

C. Sponsors: Local city governments and other corporate sponsors

D. AMBA member schools and other collaborators 

   (4) Time and place:

      1) Time: The finals will take place on a number of dates in November and December 2018

      2) Place: The competition will take place in the following cities in China:

A.    Shanghai (Nobel Innovation, new materials)

B.     Hangzhou (women entrepreneurship, digital-entrepreneurship, smart home)

C.     Shenzhen (Smart manufacturing, new energy, fintech and creative)

D.    Guangzhou (Cross-border e-commerce)

E.     Tianjin (Fintech, new engineering, design)

F.      Other cities for additional high-tech areas

(5)   Prizes: “Global BRI Entrepreneurship Awards” will be presented to the winners in each of special areas of entrepreneurship and innovation. Top teams will have local prizes as well as one of the following experiential awards:

A.    One-week Silicon Valley visit with entrepreneurship seminars;

B.     Visit to Australia for one-week visit at Australia’s No 1 Incubator;

C.     Visit to Madrid for a Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Workshop;

D.    Other member schools will provide similar experiential awards;

E.     Two-week programme of Silk-road entrepreneurship 2050;

F.      Other prizes from local sponsors.

(6)   Application Procedure and Timetable:

A.    Apply for participation by July 1, 2018 to the SREEN email address: and cc: at Zhejiang Unviersity indicating the number of teams that the university is planning to submit and under which themes;

B.     Submission of 5-page proposals with a powerpoint presentation of not more than 20 slides by July 15, 2018;

C.     Shortlisting of proposals by July 31, 2018;

D.    Competition dates: November-December 2018.

E.     Awarding ceremonies to be held in each competition location plus an overall winner presentation ceremony at the 2019 AMBA Gala Dinner in London.

(7)   Applications Procedure

A.    Participants should be current students on any programme (MBA, MSc, undergraduate programmes, etc.) in an AMBA member school.

B.     Entries should be new proposals or very recent start-ups.

C.     Teams shortlisted for the final competitions should send 2 or 3 people as their representatives for the final events.

D.    Each school could recommend and select 1-3 or more teams for different themes to be carried out in different cities.

E.     Accommodation will be provided for shortlisted teams. Partial travel scholarship will be available for potential high-tech proposals to visit China.

(8)   Entries should include the following elements:

An outline of proposal:

a.       Title of proposal with details of the institution submitting the entry and the names of the students and their programmes of study.

b.      Abstract

c.       Introduction

d.      Key innovation

e.       Market analysis

f.       Technology analysis

g.      Implementation and project management

h.      Financial plans and expected performance

i.        Team member short CVs