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The First Forum of Innovation Valley, Dream Works Successfully Completed

publisher:Notificationcreatetime: 2016-05-07

On July 26, the first forum of Innovation Valley, Dream Works organized by MBA Shenzhen Alumni Association of GDUFS was held in Jiazhong Electronics Company in Shenzhen. The forum was centered on two hot issues, namely real economy and internet economy. Mr. Yi Fangjie and Mr. Ying Jinghua delivered keynote speeches. The activity was supported by many alumni. Vice dean Yuan Denghua attended the forum on behalf of GSB.

The activity started on 15:00. Mr.Yi Fangjie, general manager of Shenzhen Zhongjia Electronics showed vice dean Yuan and other students around the workshops and explained to them the craft and process of touch screen manufacturing.

Later, in the meeting room, Mr. Yi explained in detail his toil in starting the business, background of the industry, core competitiveness of the company and the current positioning in the market. When he mentioned that “Jiazhong is small, but we have ambitious goals”, everyone gave him rounds of applauses.

Later, Mr. Ying took successful people of the internet circle as a case and concluded that a basic requirement of entrepreneurs should be follow the trend. Based on his own experience, he concluded three precious tips: first, don’t rely too much on technology; second, don’t believe too much in products; third, don’t be obsessed with business.

Vice Dean Yuan concluded the forum, pointing out that the experience of the two guest speakers were very precious and practical. He praised the forum as an interactive and win-win activity which provides precious experience to build alumni platform, kindle entrepreneurship dreams and incubate workshop products. He hoped that the forum would be held continuously.

At last, to celebrate the second anniversary of the establishment of Jiazhong Electronics, Vice Dean Yuan presented a gift to Jiazhong on behalf of MBA Shenzhen Alumni Association of GDUFS.