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New Horizon Lecture 28: Breakthrough to the Center Brain

publisher:Eventscreatetime: 2016-04-05

On May 25th, Professor James A. Ebel, distinguished professor of the Western Virginia University, visited GSB once again, addressing a lecture entitled “Breakthrough to the Center Brain. Breakout with innovation”.

At the beginning, Professor Ebel asked a question “What do you want to do?” to the students in attendance and the students explained to him their ideal field of career one by one. Even before the lecture begins, the professor has shortened the distance between him and the students.

Afterwards, he shared his “miserable” experience as a salesperson and how he wanted to become a “center brain thinker” after so many failures. He then presented a questionnaire containing 20 question on the screen to measure the center brain ability and asked students to answer the questions and calculate points. His questionnaire further triggered expectation and curiosity of everyone. He mentioned that a center brain thinker must have ten qualities: read as many and as extensive books, stay passionate, cultivate global vision, foster good habits, simplify thinking, be modest, master a skill you think as dumb and so on. Professor Ebel’s humorous lecture brought about rounds of laughter.

At last, he suggested that students should not rely solely on knowledge and logic to think about marketing. Instead, on many occasions students need creative thinking to walk a path different to others.