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Class 16C of GDUFs MBA Center Human Resource Management Mobile Class--Dongfeng Nissan

publisher:createtime: 2016-11-26

On November 26, 2016, the mobile class Human Resource Management of Class 16C of School of Business MBA Center proceeded successfully in the second factory of Dongfeng Nissan in Huadu Guangzhou. Professor Zhang Wubao and the whole class (28 students) received a warm welcome from Director of Production Department Yang Yaohui and from many employees.

                                    Share and exchange of corporate culture

First, Director Yang introduced some ideas of the company's development history, corporate culture and human resource management, making students have a general understanding of the organization structure of Dongfeng Nissan. He also explained the functional partition, employee recruitment, employee training, employee development and the establishment and construction of corporate culture in detail. The practical analysis of real cases greatly helped students learn about human resource theories.

fter the introduction session, Director Yang answered students' questions one by one. Then Professor Zhang also answered some questions related to human resource management raised by the students and emphasized that we should walk the talk and change the knowledge to wisdom. Only when the knowledge was transformed to wisdom, could the power be exerted. Thus, we should learn not only the knowledge but also the mindset so that we could apply the knowledge smartly.

Group photo of Director Yang, Professor Zhang and students of Class 16C

Director Yang mentioned that when employees considered the company as their own houses and thought that they could do whatever they wanted, employees could truly integrated into the corporate culture and naturally be devoted to the work.  For technical workers, they did not have too much space to develop their career. But they were still willing to work at that position, which meant that employees had a strong sense of recognition of the company and they were loyal to it. Therefore, we could see that Dongfeng Nissan had done a good job in humanistic concern. Besides, Dongfeng Nissan has novel ideas in training employees--establish a healthy human resource ecological system, attach great importance to employees' psychological management, and set up cultural areas and activity areas in the workshop so that employees can feel the care from the company when they work at great tension. They always persist in one philosophy: work happily, live happily and succeed happily. From this, students felt the necessity and importance of human resource management to the company's development. A good human resource system can help the company operate healthily and efficiently, help the company train talents and help it gain benign development.

After the meeting of Share and Exchange of Corporate Culture, under the guidance of Director Yang, students visited the assembly shop and welding workshop and were impressed by their humanized working environment, supermatic facilities, rigorous plant planning and management as well as the scientific production line planning. Students have broadened their horizon, improved their experience and knew how supermatic modern factories operated and developed efficiently. It is believed that this field visit would have a profound impact on students' work in the future. Also they would apply the knowledge learned in this field trip to the practical work and their future career.

After visiting the welding workshop, Professor Zhang expressed his appreciation to Director Yang, leading the mobile class to a successful conclusion. Students have benefited a lot from the mobile class. They also expressed their sincere gratitude to Director Yang and expressed their best wishes to a bright prospect of Dongfeng Nissan.

                              Group photo of Professor Zhang Wubao and Director Yang Yaohui