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Class 16B of GDUFs School of Business MBA Center Marketing Management Mobile Class--Shan Yin Shi 3D Print Creative Life Shop

publisher:createtime: 2016-10-10

   On October 10, 2016, guided by Associate Professor Du Yuping, Class 16B of School of Business MBA Center arrived at Shan Yin Shi 3D Print Creative Life Shop to have their mobile class Marketing Management and received a warm welcome from the General Manager Huang Shaohua and many other employees there. Established on July 7, 2016, Shan Yin Shi 3D Print Creative Life Shop, affiliated with SUNSHINE 3D Co., Ltd., is the first 3D print creative life shop in China adhering to the idea of "Print Your Colorful Life." Now it provides three services in the shop: 3D Print Display Area, 3D Print Dining Area and 3D Print Experience Area. During this trip, students not only experienced the catering service of 3D print but also had a deeper understanding of 3D print.


   At 9:30 am, teachers and students arrived at the Shan Yin Shi 3D Print Creative Life Shop located in Capital Malls (4 floor) in Guangzhou on time. Manager Huang gave a warm welcome to teachers and students from the MBA Center in the shop. He not only provided them with 3D print food, but also shared the development situation of 3D print industry and his company with the students.

   First, Manger Huang invited teachers and students to follow its Wechat official account "Shan Yin Shi" and asked them to upload some creative photos there. And then he printed the drinks for them. While waiting for the drinks, Manager Huang started to introduce some situation in the 3D print industry. He first led in the concept of "what is 3D print" and gradually brought the teachers and students into the 3D print world. Manager Huang compared 3D print with traditional print in many aspects and explained the process of 3D print (data collection, data processing, print and postprocessing). By using many products in the shop, he gave many vivid and interesting examples so as to help students have a better and deeper understanding of this industry. Next he briefed the development history and industry chain of 3D print industry and explained that Shan Yin Shi 3D Print Creative Life Shop was the first shop in this industry in China. In the end of the introduction session, Manager Huang made a PEST analysis of the current situation of 3D print industry in China and made a prediction that the 3D print industry was promising in the Chinese market considering the capital it absorbed in different projects within the industry.

After the introduction, drinks for teachers and students were ready and all of them praised the quality of drinks. They also asked Manager Huang many questions about 3D print food.Then Manager Huang talked about the current situation of the shop and the company in the next session.Sunshine 3D Co., Ltd. is an innovative company that focuses on 3D print and related industry. It aims at popularizing and promoting 3D print, helping customers cultivate habits of print consumption and building 3D print ecological chain relying on the combination of 3D print and other industries. The implied meaning of the Chinese name of the company is “The highest good is like water and having an inventive mind." Do not be affected by the noise outside and focus on its own objective can be described as the essence of SUNSHINE 3D. So SUNSHINE 3D's faith in 3D print is unswerving and it will try its best to succeed with the spirit of craftsmanship.The nature of development is innovation. New things have great vitality. Without innovation, things will become obsolete. SUNSHINE 3D considers innovation as its foundation and it has made some achievements after years of concentrating on innovation. Adhering to the principle of "Print Your Colorful Life", SUNSHINE 3D established its pioneered affiliates Shan Yin Shi 3D Print Creative Life Shop and 3D print customized platform. The Creative Life Shop combines 3D print catering with other 3D print customization to build a professional, innovative and multi-material 3D print customized platform using fashionable catering as a starting point.The way for business is to do good things for others because you will also benefit from it. With an absolute open attitude, SUNSHINE 3D is willing to work together with peers in the same industry and peers from all walks of life. They hope more and more peers can walk side by side and achieve great success.


                                            Guangzhou SUNSHINE 3D Co,. Ltd.


Besides, in order to help overseas students who were not familiar with Chinese feel more comfortable, Manager Huang asked some employees draw a beautiful flower with a 3D pen so as to let those students experience the charm of 3D print.


At the end of the activity, Manager Huang gave the teachers and students of the MBA Center a surprise by giving them customized biscuits of different flavor with "GDUFs MBA" printed on them.


Group photo of students from Class 16B, Professor Du and Manager Huang

Professor Du expressed his appreciation to Manager Huang and presented Manager Huang souvenirs of the MBA Center with his monitor.

The mobile class was brought to a successful conclusion by everyone's happy laughter and cheerful voice. Students had benefited a lot from this mobile class which offered them entertainment and enabled them to study at the same time.

Students also expressed their sincere gratitude to Manager Huang and their best wishes to the bright future of SUNSHINE 3D Co., Ltd..


                                  Group photo of Manager Huang and monitor Wen Yuan