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Class 16B of GDUFs MBA Center Management Communication Mobile Class--Plateno Group (James Joyce Coffetel)

publisher:createtime: 2016-12-01

On December 1, 2016, guided by lecturer Jia Jia, Class 16B of School of Business MBA Center arrived at Plateno Mansion to have their mobile class Management Communication. They received a warm welcome from Mr. Xu Guanxiong, CEO of James Joyce Coffetel, Ms. Li Kunjie, HR manager of James Joyce Coffetel, barista Zoey, Banny from HR department and many other employees. James Joyce Coffetel, one of the middle-class hotel brands of Plateno Group, breaks the traditional hotel management model to meet the medium income businessmen's demands for social contact. It concentrates on building the first intermediate boutique hotel brand perfectly integrating coffee culture and hotel service. During this trip, students had visited Plateno Group, experienced its unique corporate culture and management style, learned its unique hotel coffee culture, made the pour-over coffee the first time in their lives, learned the creative ideas about James Joyce Coffetel created by Mr. Xu Guanxiong and been invited to attend the Fashion Job Fairs of Plateno Group.

At 9:50 am, teachers and students arrived at the Plateno Mansion on time. First, guided by Ms. Li Kunjie, the whole class entered the hall of the mansion. There Ms. Li introduced the logo wall of Plateno. Logos of different large hotels are displayed based on the service level they provide for the guests, which are splendid. Among those logos, the brand concept of Xana Hotelle (the first chain hotel in China that are built from a female perspective) which is designed from a female perspective attracted students' attention: the theme colors of the hotel are pink and purple which match women; the Goddess Parking Lot is designed for women; tax preference items are promoted based on the height of women's high heel. All these are creative concepts.

Then students followed the staff to visit the office area of Plateno Group. Every floor (above the 2nd floor) in Plateno Mansion is a headquarters of one kind of hotel. For example, staff on the 3rd floor is responsible for budget hotels (like 7 days Inn) affiliated with Plateno Group. The branches on different floors are clear and consistent including the marketing department, the development department, the finance department and the accounting department. Students had visited all the official areas on each floor and experienced the relaxed and free working environment in Plateno Group.

After the visiting session, students came back to the cafe in James Joyce Coffetel to watch the coffee show of the senior barista Zoey. Zoey taught everyone how to make coffee and helped them learn latte art step by step. Students were interested in this session and they exchanged many opinions about coffee with Zoey.

After the coffee show, CEO Xu Guanxiong presented the unique and fashionable coffee culture of James Joyce Coffetel which demonstrated the creative hotel idea of Plateno Group--Every guest room in James Joyce Coffetel sets up the hotel's unique coffee corner so that every guest can experience the fun of making coffee. Moreover, Mr. Xu Guanxiong mentioned that the name of the hotel James Joyce was the name of a famous author of stream of consciousness in the world. This shown that the hotel paid a lot attention to innovation of thinking and modern and fashionable ideas. Students were interested in James Joyce Coffetel and asked Mr. Xu Guanxiong many prepared questions one after another. Mr. Xu answered these questions one by one.

Next, Banny from the HR department explained the features of 12·11 Plateno Fashion Fairs like the luxuriant lighting design and professional dressers who were hired to help applicants put on makeup. Students were honored to receive the invitation of this Job Fairs.


At the end of the activity, Mr. Xu Guanxiong sent everybody a bag of drip coffee of the hotel as gifts. Each gift included coffee and greeting cards which were customized for students based on their constellation.

Group photo of students from Class 16B, lecturer Jia Jia, Mr. Xu Guanxiong and Ms. Li Kunjie

Lecturer Jia Jia and all students expressed their sincere appreciation to Mr. Xu Guanxiong, Ms. Li Kunjie, Zoey, Banny and other employees and sent them souvenirs of the MBA Center. This mobile class had come to a successful conclusion and students had benefited a lot from it. All students also expressed their best wishes to James Joyce Coffetel and Plateno Group.