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Class 16A of GDUFs MBA Center Marketing Management Mobile Class--Guangzhou Design Week

publisher:createtime: 2016-12-04

On the morning of December 4, 2016, in order to make students apply their marketing management knowledge learned in class to social practice better, the whole class of 16A of GDUFs School of Business learned new things in Guangzhou Design Week under the guidance of Mr. Luo Jining, their lecturer of Marketing Management. During their study there, combining with the actual situation of the on-site exhibitors, Mr. Luo analyzed different kinds of marketing cases in detail and explained many marketing ideas. This helped students learn new things through observation and truly understand the application of marketing management in real life.


Group photo of lecturer Luo Jining and students

It is believed that there were more than 500 quality exhibitors participated in the Design Week and that more than 1000 new products, the choicest goods and  unique products which were appropriate for the "design + material" of private houses and boutique hotels were on display. The number of exhibitors and the quality of exhibits were impressive. Every exhibition booth was distinctive in its layout and interpretation of product culture. Excellent marketing ideas were everywhere. For students, this was an exceptional opportunity to learn marketing because every exhibitor was a case material for students to study. Students could feel and learn the features and deficiencies of different booths because excellence and deficiency could be viewed clearly at a glance.

2016 Guangzhou Design Week Advertising Desk

At 9:10 am on December 4, 2016, teachers and students arrived at PWTC Expo in Guangzhou on time. Under the guidance of the teachers, students entered the exhibition hall to visit the dazzling and distinctive exhibits. During the visit, the teachers answered students' questions patiently. Lecturer Luo Jining required students to think, make analysis and make professional judgements under the help of the theoretical knowledge they learned in class at each exhibition booth. So every student could have an opportunity to express his/her opinion. And then lecturer Luo Jining would comment and analyze students' performance.

The brief slogan "The purpose of playing with the wood is making money while the purpose of making money is playing with much wood" attracted the attention of the faculty and students. When praising this slogan, teachers also compared it with other advertising slogans which were not that outstanding.

A corner of the Expo


A corner of the Design Week-Modern design embedded with orient aesthetic elements

Other than displaying the Chinese style prize-winning lamps, the lamp company featuring marriage topics also displayed different kinds of Chinese style wedding products including the wedding cheongsam in the front of its exhibition booth, which won praise from many audiences. Lecturer Luo Jining also made it a typical excellent case for students to discuss and analyze.

Lecturer Luo Jining made comments for students earnestly

After visiting No.1 and No.2 exhibition halls, teachers brought students to a quiet area of the Expo and required students to talk about the exhibits they just saw and to analyze the distinctive exhibits in these two exhibition halls from a professional perspective. After having a rough idea of students opinions, lecturer Luo Jining made systematic analysis of and made comments on different exhibition halls' situation as well as students' answers. This had made students fully understand the knowledge and know their shortcomings in the study. Some hard-working students even took out their notebooks and pens to write down teachers' brilliant reviews and detailed analysis.

Then lecturer Luo Jining continued to bring students to No.3 and No.4 exhibition halls.

A corner of the Expo-ASWAT Lamp

Lecturer Luo Jining explained the knowledge for students tirelessly with his abundant Chinese and western knowledge and made many brilliant comments and analysis for students from a professional perspective. He had always told students to think from a professional perspective and to analyze problems with their theoretical knowledge.

After visiting all exhibition halls, lecturer Luo Jining brought students to a quiet place outside the Expo and made some summaries and analysis of their study in the morning.

By walking and discussing, students from GDUFs MBA Center attracted people's attention everywhere. Under the guidance of teachers, students visited exhibition halls orderly. They were always enthusiastic about the knowledge and they always kept discipline, showing others the graceful bearing of GDUFs MBA. Finally, guided by teachers, students left the Expo orderly and finished their study task in the morning.

The heated discussion between teachers and students and lecturer Luo Jining's brilliant comments which linked the theories with practice provided a professional knowledge meal for students, making them experience the richness of the application of marketing practice. It is believed that through the study trip in this mobile class, students will have in-depth understandings and inspirations of "Walk the talk" in marketing.