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MBA HR Teaching and Research Group and Class 16D of GDUFS School of Business Organizational Behavior Mobile Class--Walk into the UC Company and Feel "the Fifth Year" Culture

publisher:createtime: 2016-12-10

On December 10, 2016, guided by Professor Zhang Xinggui, the HR teaching and research group and Class 16D walked into Guangzhou Dong Jing Computer Science Co., Ltd. (UC Company) to have their mobile class Organizational Behavior. Professor Yang Wenhui, Professor Zhang Wubao, Associate Professor Liu Xiaoqing and students from Class 16D took part in this activity.

Established in 2004, UC Company is the leading provider of mobile Internet software technology and application service, making itself a user service platform combining information navigation, mobile entertainment and life services. Currently, its core product UC browser has become the third party mobile browser that owns most users around the world. Now the company owns 3700 employees, among which over 70% are product technicians. This is one of the research and development groups that have the strongest ability in the domestic mobile application field and have most team members. In June 2014, UC Company officially joined Alibaba Group and established Ali Mobile Business Group.

At 10:00 am, teachers and students of GDUFs arrived at UC Company located in Tower B GRG Square in Tianhe District. The Deputy Director Cui Peng and Manager Zhang Qi gave the professors and students a warm welcome.

First, Manager Zhang Qi guided the professors and students to visit the exhibition hall of UC Company and introduced the entrepreneurial development, internationalization and corporate culture of UC Company in detail. Established in 2004, UC Company has developed rapidly in the current years, becoming the largest domestic mobile application technology research and development team. The number of its employees grows from 6 at the very beginning to 3700 now. The ratio of the research and development employees nearly reaches 80%. UC Company is also the first company in China to own the core technology and complete intellectual property in mobile browser field. It has set up branches in New Delhi, Bombay, Jakarta, Silicon Valley, Russia, Africa, Vietnam and other countries and regions, among which the market shares of companies in India and Indonesia have exceeded 50%, wining honors for the national mobile software industry.

In the development and management process of UC Company, it gradually forms the current unique organization culture--"the fifth year" culture. The average age of employees in the company is only 28. UC Company called itself "the university of students studying in the fifth year" so as to continue the simple and friendly environment in everyone's university days. So employees can be united in a group and strive for success, grow as well as create values together. "Non official" culture which means de-classification and de-bureaucratization are popular in the company. The chairman is called monitor and employees call each other classmates.

                                  Manager Zhang Qi introduced UC Company

                            Students tried to scan the QR code of big data function

After visiting the exhibition hall, everyone went to the UC meeting room to make in-depth exchange. Teachers and students asked questions about the business areas, product features, management methods, incentive mechanism and the stability of the talent team.

                                Teachers and students raised many questions

                          Deputy Director Cui Peng (Left) answered questions patiently

Then Professor Zhang Xinggui summarized this visit. He pointed that an excellent company created not only quality products but also outstanding culture. It would be popular in the market and among customers because of its quality products and it would also attract many talents because of its outstanding culture. This was the reason why UC Company succeeded. UC Company made the abstract culture visualized and touchable. The simple, happy and convenient working methods advocated by "the fifth year" culture greatly released employees' vitality, enthusiasm and creativity, helping them change the work to entertainment. This was the highest state of encouragement. At the same time, the fair style management, "non official" culture, flexible working time, and the idea of self-management were valuable explorations of management of employees of the new generation.

At the end of the activity, Professor Zhang Xinggui presented the souvenirs of the MBA Center to Deputy Director Cui Peng to express his appreciation. The group photo of guests and hosts brought the activity to a successful conclusion.

          Professor Zhang Xinggui presented souvenirs of the MBA Center to Deputy Director Cui Peng