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The First Guangwai MBA Exchange Student Returns from the U.S

        Currently, the 1st MBA exchange student Chen Tingting to the U.S has returned with the degree offered by Missouri State University (MSU). Chen said that the one year spent in the U.S gave her a lot in various aspects. She not only made many Chinese and American friends but also experienced an education pattern totally different from Chinese ones. She said she had to accomplish 12 subjects within a year, and the American professors were very strict. However at the end of the year, she felt her study in the U.S was worthy it. 


It is said that to systematically cultivate international management talents with global perspective, the MBA center of GDUFS has entered cooperative programs with MSU to provide unique opportunities for young people to go study in the U.S.The MSU recognizes the degree of GDUFS, and after one year’s study in abroad those who are qualified will be given MBA degree recognized by international authoritative institutions (AACSBAuthenticationBusinessSchool) and the Ministry of Education inChina. Meanwhile, after returning from abroad the student can take part in the national examination and if they passed it and accomplished relevant courses and thesis, they can apply for the MBA degree of GDUFS according to rules and regulations.




Teachers and Students of University of Wisconsin Made an Exchange Visit to GDUFS


  On May, 24th, a group of 13 guests including Prof. Donna H. Stewart, vice dean of Stotts College of Wisconsin University,U.S., Mr. Ding Xuedong and student representatives of the university made a whole day exchange visit to MBA Education Center of GDUFS. Mr. Sun Jianjun, executive  !E Wu Yiming, associate dean of the center, Dr. Ma Shaozhuang, assistant dean of the center and Mrs. Xu Yiqing, office dean of the center received the guests and held a meeting with them.


     At first, Mr. Sun Jianjun extended his warm welcome to Prof. Donna’s visit. He pointed out that currently the number of students enrolled byGuangwaiMBAEducationCenteris the largest among MBA education institutions which offer courses totally in English in mainlandChina. He also added that our university is actively seeking opportunities to cooperate with overseas universities, and it is hoped that our cooperation withStottsCollegewill be extended to more areas to provide students more opportunities to know about international culture and broaden their international perspective.


Prof. Donna firstly expressed her gratitude to the invitation offered by MBA Education Center, and then said that though this is the first time to China, she is already impressed by the beautiful campus of GDUFS and the enthusiasm and vigor of MBA students. When it comes to her College, Prof. Donna said thatStottsCollegeis a polytechnic college which puts great emphasis on cultivating students’ practical ability, and therefore value establishing relations with enterprises. She also hopes to enter a long-term cooperative relationship with GDUFS to share resources in the two universities and enterprises.


Then, the two sides exchanged ideas on their own philosophy of running a school, student structure, curriculum design, international cooperation, future development etc.    


  In the same day, students fromWisconsinUniversitydiscussed a case with MBA students of Class B of 2009 for an hour and a half, enabling the two sides to know each other better. In the following part, Prof. Huang Lei, Fullbright scholar of MBA center, delivered a lecture on “China’s Economy at a Crossroad”. The novelty and vividness of the speech earned great response from the students. Then, Mrs. Xu Yiqing, office dean of the center, showed the guests the teaching environment ofMBACenterand the campus.


  Students of the two universities are discussing Group Picture


 Group Picture