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The Admission Notice of MBA Program at Missouri State University

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies will provide MBA students of GDUFS and others who are eligible for application with a one-year opportunity to study at Missouri State University for MBA courses. Qualified persons will obtain MBA degree of Missouri State University and the credits of the MBA program will be available in the MBA Education Centre of GDUFS. Students who meet the requirements of relevant provisions can apply for MBA degree of GDUFS. The program now is under current admission.


1.      Features of the program

1)      Two diplomas acquirement.

2)      Preparatory courses provided by MBA education centre.

3)      Lower tuition fee for students.

4)      High visa success ratio.

5)      Acknowledgement of the academic degree by PRC.

6)      Exemption of TOEFL and GMAT examinations.

7)      Focus on practical operation during the study.

8)      Equal treatment as American students.

2.      Application

1)      Guangwai MBA students and auditors.

2)      Others who match the conditions below:

·bachelor’s degree (GPA 2.75 or above)

·2-year working experience

·good English (equal to TOEFL 550)

·preparatory courses’ participation


For more information please visit:



    Ms. Chen TEL: 020-36209909

               FAX: 020-36209660