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     On November 7th, the exact day of the 50th anniversary celebration of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies(GDUFS), Luís Reto, president of University Institute of Lisbon(ISCTE) in Portugal, and Ma Shaozhuang, Associate Professor of ISCTE School of Business came to visit the MBA education center of GDUFS School of Business. Zhu Wenzhong, Executive Dean of the School of Business, Liangjie and Qiu Weinian, both the Associate Deans, met with our guests at meeting room No. 308 in Teaching Building No.9


Liangjie, the Associate Dean, extended welcome to President Reto, and introduced the profile of the MBA education center. The cooperation between GDUFS School of Business and ISCTE School of Business has effectively promoted international cooperation on both sides. Since 2010, we have sent 24 students to Portugal for exchange and study.

Zhu Wenzhong, the Executive Dean, introduced that GDUFS School of Business smoothly passed the Association of MBAs(AMBA) accreditation on March this year. He has reached a consensus with president Reto in this meeting that the two universities, based on students’ exchange, are in the hope of having a deeper cooperation on academic research, double degree program and DBA program.

At last, Zhu Wenzhong, the Executive Dean, on behalf of GDUFS School of Business, presented souvenirs to our guests and took group photos with them to mark the occasion.


Background Information:

The full name of ISCTE is Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa. Established in 1972, ISCTE is a public university located in the University City campus in Lisbon, Portugal. The subjects ISCTE mainly develops are management science, social science and technical science, among which management science is the most famous one. ISCTE School of Management ranks the first among other schools of management in Portugal. ISCTE has established cooperation projects between colleges and universities with institutions of higher learning from France, Germany, Poland, Brazil and other countries, and its scale is getting larger and larger.

ISCTE is an independent university directly under the Ministry of Science and Technology of Portugal, it has acquired quality certification from European Union(EU) and its credits can be recognized within colleges and universities of EU.ISCTE is listed, by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China(PRC), as an European University whose degree and education is accepted by Ministry of Education of PRC. Its comprehensive strength of running a school is among the top three in Portugal, and its education and research of management science on undergraduates’, postgraduates’ and doctors’ level enjoy a high reputation. ISCTE is the first university in Portugal to run management degree project, and it has been accredited by AMBA, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business(AACSB) and European Quality Improvement System(EQUIS). ISCTE School of Business was rated, by“Ranking Web of World Business Schools”on January, 2011, as the School of Business that ranks 7th in Europe and 19th in the whole world.