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     On the afternoon of November 7th, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Development Scott Sheppard and the Assistant Dean(International), QUT Business School Andrew Paltridge came to visit MBA Education Center of GDUFS School of Business. Zhu Wenzhong, Executive Dean of the School of Business, and Liangjie, the Associate Deans, met with our guests at meeting room No. 308 in Teaching Building No.9.




      Zhu Wenzhong, Executive Dean of the School of Business, introduced the development profile of the MBA education center,he also mentioned that 2017 is the 10th anniversary since MBA Education Center of GDUFS School of Business has been founded in 2007. Scott Sheppard spoke highly of the characteristics and the development of MBA Education Center. Both of the universities are of international characteristics and share the same experience in their histories. During the meeting, both sides reached consensus on cooperation on MBA education, exchange students, “One Belt and One Road” Initiative as well as Business Contest.




Background Information:

The University of Queensland (UQ), founded in 1908, is one of Australia’s leading research  institutions. It has a strong focus on achieving learning experiences and outcomes for their students. The world-renown university is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Both undergraduates and graduates students here could choose among over 150 courses in the three campuses.

The two universities have been keeping close contact with each other and a large number of agreements have been achieved since 2010.

The purpose of the delegation coming to business school is to deeper exchanges and reinforce cooperation.